We invite you to awaken to love.

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek is a liberal church community that supports spiritual growth through the exploration and discovery of the world within us and around us. We offer religious education for all ages as well as events and social justice opportunities for adults and families. Our worship services, accompanied by our choir or guest musicians, are inspiring and empowering. Childcare is available for babies and toddlers.

Visitors are always welcome at our services and invited to stay for refreshments and conversation following the service.

Upcoming Events


  • September 24: The Work of Peace

    Join us at 10:30 am as we honor International Peace Day and continue our theme of embodied spiritual practice and the September focus on The Practice...

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  • Religious Exploration Kick-Off a Great Success!

    THANK YOU!!! Many thanks to the members, friends, parents and volunteers who made our Religious Exploration Kick-Off a great success! Attendance was amazing – and...

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  • Celebrate International Peace Day!

    The United Nations International Day of Peace is September 21. This special day provides an opportunity for all of humanity to come together, in spirit...

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  • September 17: Deep Work

    Join us at 10:30 a.m. as we continue our theme of embodied spiritual practice and the September focus on The Practice of Carrying Water: Physical...

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  • NEEDED: Plain white sheets

    This Sunday the children will be constructing a giant Peace Dove to commemorate International Day of Peace. Plain white bed sheets are needed for the...

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