📢Service Auction Donations Needed!

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Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek
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We are now accepting items to be included in our 2023 Service Auction!
Click the red button below to let us know what you are donating to the Auction.

**Donations included in our online and live auctions generally fall into one of three categories:

ITEMS: most items (gift baskets of all kinds, handcrafted goods, retail gift cards, etc.) will be offered on our online auction portal. Therefore we would like at least one photo (but preferably several) of the item suitable for featuring on the portal, plus a detailed description. If you are unable to provide a photo of the item, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

SERVICES: most services (lawn care or tree trimming, airport/medical/therapy transportation, baby or pet sitting, personal IT consultation, cooking/dancing lessons, etc.) will be included in our live auction. Please provide a detailed description of the service you are providing.

EXPERIENCES: just like services, most experiences (guided hikes, museum trips, themed dinners, wine tastings, etc.) will be included in our live auction. Please provide a detailed description of the experience you are offering.

**Donations to the auction are not strictly categorized under these three descriptions. We break them down here to familiarize you with the large variety of donations we have received in the past, and to help you to determine what you might donate.

Please note: in all cases, there is no such thing as too much information! The more detail you provide in your description, the better.

Please also note: if you are unsure about the monetary value of your donation(s), let us know and our auction specialist will be happy to assist you.

And one more note: there is no pressure to make wildly unique, super festive, high end, or incredibly creative donations. Have a 1-week time share you’d like to donate? Super, we’ll take it! Want to donate a 2-hour helicopter sightseeing tour? Great, we’ll take it! HOWEVER…we will happily and gratefully accept store gift cards, handcrafted items, baked goods, and monetary donations in lieu of something tangible. The idea of the auction is to garner involvement and participation, and support the church with this fundraiser — and have some fun while doing it!

Make Your Donations HERE (mailto:david@dlsk.net)
If you have any questions about donations or the procedure for doing so, feel free to reach out to our Auction Expert, David Bonner, at david@DLSK.net (mailto:david@DLSK.net )

Mill Creek ‘Kentucky Derby’ Service Auction: Saturday, May 6th, 2023, 5:00 pm.
Members and friends make a variety of donations which are included in our online and live auction; the church keeps the proceeds. The event serves as our largest fundraiser. Tickets will go on sale in April, $20 each (or $25 at the door). Everyone is welcome to make a donation, attend the event, and bid or purchase items. Church membership is not a requirement to participate! Feel free to contact the church office (mailto:administrator@uusmc.org) with any questions.