As in all Unitarian Universalist churches, the leaders of UUSMC are the members who, in good standing and contributors of record, vote on key issues that affect the lives of the whole congregation.


Annual Congregational Meeting

The members of UUSMC hold a congregational meeting each year to make decisions about the coming church year. Committee reports are distributed, the proposed budget for the next fiscal year is presented and voted upon, and new board members are elected.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected at the UUSMC’s annual meeting and has oversight for most of the operation of the congregation, for example the budget, property, building use, and outreach.

Stephen Selph, president

Diane Hofer, vice president

Fran Gulino, secretary

Frank Burns

Ewa Iracka

Matt Nolan

Vicky Tosh-Morelli


The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Tuesday of each month unless otherwise scheduled.

Contact the Board at board (at)


UUSMC leadership also includes many committees full of dedicated and enthusiastic people. See the full list on the Volunteer page.