Weekly Mediation Group Online

Event details

  • September 8, 2021
  • 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

You are invited to join our Mill Creek community for guided and silent meditations via Zoom, on Wednesday evenings.

When:  Wednesday evenings, 7:30 pm – 8:15 pm
NEXT SESSION: September 16th
How:  This event requires registration (see link button below). Once you are signed up you will continue to receive an email reminder on Wednesday morning, which will include the ZOOM link.

To Prepare for Your Meditation Practice:
Seating: You will need a comfortable place to sit where your back can be supported and your legs comfortable. Options are a sturdy chair, a chair with a back support so you may sit tall, seated on the floor with a folded blanket or towel to sit on, a stool or meditation cushion if you have one.
Temperature: Ensure that you are comfortably clothed and room temperature is set to enable you to be still for up to 45 minutes.  Layers can be helpful, and socks also.  A light blanket may be handy if needed.
Privacy and Distractions: You will need a place where you may practice undisturbed by phone, pets, housemates, etc.  Give yourself this gift of time to nurture your self and set yourself up for success by creating a special time and surroundings.
Lighting: In the evening, candle light is delightful if possible. If not, maybe use a dimmer switch or just one or two lamps turned on. You want enough light to remain alert and comfortable.
Clothing:  Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Use the link below to register today! Everyone is invited. Come as you are.  Let’s be together, in peace.


Margaret Bodine
Carol Yetter