As Unitarian Universalists we are dedicated to living our faith and practicing what we preach.

Working for civil rights and combating oppression are essential parts of our spiritual journey. Our faith community has worked for justice for hundreds of years, from advocating for free speech and the free practice of religion as far back as the fifteen hundreds to helping to abolish slavery and supporting women’s rights beginning in the eighteen hundreds.

We continue to work for justice today in ways that resonate with our Principles, from protecting our environment to standing up for the full rights of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

We do our best to make our church, our community, our denomination, and our world a better place.

Social Justice Committee

Much of the our congregation’s involvement with social concerns is realized through the Social Justice Committee. The committee welcomes members and friends interested in making a difference in their community and the world. The main activities of the Social Action Committee are fundraising, education, and action for issues of social justice.

Mission statement: We organize to address unmet social justice needs in our community, nation and wider world through a balanced mix of service, education, advocacy and public witness. We engage the congregation in activities and partner with relevant individuals, groups and organizations.

Social justice service projects

  • Souper Bowl: Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, we sell bread and homemade soup to raise money for the Food Bank of Delaware.
  • Food Bank of Delaware: We collect non-perishable food and personal and household items year-round for donation to the Food Bank of Delaware. There is a donation receptacle in the foyer.
  • Fair trade: We sell coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate most Sundays after services. We also sponsor occasional Fair Trade holiday shopping days at the church. All of the proceeds go to farm co-ops that produce the coffee, tea, and chocolate in environmentally and socially sustainable ways.
  • Heifer International: Each December we provide the opportunity for members to honor friends or family with symbolic donations of animals or shares of animals. Heifer International then uses these donations to provide families throughout the world with food- and income-producing animals and training in their care. These “gifts” are then passed on when the animal’s offspring are given to others in need.
  • Tutoring and mentoring: We help people connect with opportunities for tutoring and mentoring in the community.
  • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee: We raise funds for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, a national group that works for empowerment and concrete improvements in the lives of women, children and indigenous peoples throughout the world. We participate in the “Guest at Your Table” fundraiser and sell holiday cards in the fall.
  • Social Action Sunday: We plan a Social Action Sunday service once a year that focuses on an issue of social justice. Some of our past topics are capital punishment, the environment, globalization, and Fair Trade.
  • Education, awareness, and activism: The Social Justice Committee seeks to educate UUSMC members about a variety of social justice issues through bulletin board displays and a weekly announcements in the UUSMC newsletter. From time to time we also write letters and circulate petitions urging business or government action on issues of urgent concern.
  • Share Our Plate: We coordinate the donation of half the collection plate cash each Sunday to local charities.
  • Share Our Warmth: In December, we collect hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, baby blankets, and the like for donation.
  • Share Our Bounty: In November, we collect Thanksgiving food for local charities to give to the hungry.