Love, Knowledge, Honor, and Justice

Children at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek know that they are loved and supported from their earliest years until they are ready to move into their roles as adults. Age-appropriate classes with themes such as exploring neighboring religions, honoring the earth, and building a just community are offered.

We teach that love, knowledge, honor, and justice are the birthright of all children. Many programs incorporate social justice activities, worship opportunities, service trips, fellowship, and fun.

2017 Children’s Religious Education Program

Our Nature-centered child spirituality program is called “Butterfly Spirituality.”  Our children will learn about interconnectedness and the difference one person can make while we work together, often outside, to save monarch butterflies.

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Register for Religious Education

All families are required to complete a registration form for children attending religious education classes each year.

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Each week, we need to staff a primary teacher, a helper, and the Children’s RE Greeter and a backup.  The only skill required is a love of children and desire to influence their spiritual development.  Please click here and volunteer todayThank you!

“The great end of religious instruction is not to stamp our minds irresistibly upon the young but to stir up their own.” — Unitarian theologian William Ellery Channing, 1780-1842

What to expect for each age group

If you are planning to visit our Religious Exploration program for the first time and have questions not answered below, please feel free to the Director of Religious Exploration at

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Childcare for ages 3 and under

Babies and toddlers are welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their parent(s), but we also have a staffed childcare room equipped with interactive toys, plenty of books, and baby-care supplies.

The nursery is open to children 3 and under, however some 4-year-old children may feel more comfortable starting in the nursery before moving into our preschool religious exploration class.

Religious exploration for ages 4-10

Our Elementary program works to help our children develop strong Unitarian Universalist identities by using a variety of age- and developmentally-appropriate activities.

Each Sunday, the children will begin in the sanctuary to enjoy the Story for All Ages with the whole congregation. What happens next depends on where we are in the monthly calendar.

On the first Sunday of each month, we have our multi-generational service. Children are encouraged to attend the entire service to learn about the current month’s theme. We understand this can sometimes be a challenge, so for those times that children may need or want to leave service a bit early, adult supervision is available Classroom #1 for children ages 4-10 and babysitters are available in our nursery for children 3 and under.

On the second Sunday of each month, we have Children’s Worship where all the elementary age groups come together to explore the current month’s theme in connection with Unitarian Universalism. This class focuses on the worship aspect of Religious Exploration.

On the third Sunday of each month, the children go into a classroom with their age group to explore the current month’s theme in connection with other world religions or cultures. We will often take this opportunity to learn about a holiday that is being celebrated in the current month.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, we focus on connecting the current month’s theme to a social action or social justice project, or they will learn about social justice happening throughout the world. The children have the opportunity to work on social action projects.

Age of Reason: a rite of passage
The Age of Reason program is designed to provide a formal Rite of Passage to honor our children’s religious growth and to foster their identity of being embraced by our church community as young Unitarian Universalists. The program is for children who are age 7 to 9. It is offered every other year, alternating with the Coming of Age program offered to our Junior Youth.

Religious exploration for ages 11-13

Our Junior Youth program explores a variety of moral, spiritual, and ethical issues throughout the year, while connecting these issues to the current month’s theme.

The first Sunday of each month is a multi-generational worship, giving youth the opportunity to attend a full service, participate as Worship Associates, and be introduced to the current month’s theme along with the rest of the congregation.

On the second, third, and fourth Sundays, the Junior Youth explore the month’s theme in the context of Unitarian Universalism, other world religions or cultures, and social action or social justice.

Coming of Age: exploring personal spirituality

Every other spring the Junior Youth begin a Coming of Age program to explore their personal spirituality through a variety of group and individual activities.

Each youth is paired with a mentor from the congregation, prepares a personal credo or statement of beliefs, and takes part in a Coming of Age worship service in the spring. A trip to Unitarian Universalist sites in Boston is usually a highlight of the program.

Religious exploration for ages 14-18

Our Senior Youth program also explores a variety of moral, spiritual, and ethical issues throughout the year, while connecting these issues to the current month’s theme. Our Senior Youth, also known as YRUU, work closely with their adult advisers within a basic framework, however they also discuss their own topics of interest, organize community service opportunities, and plan social events.

The first Sunday of each month is a multi-generational worship service where the congregation is introduced to the current month’s theme and youth will have the opportunity to attend a full service, as well as participate as Worship Associates.

For the duration of the month, the YRUU will further explore the theme in connection with Unitarian Universalism, other world religions or cultures, and social action or social justice.

Adult Religious Exploration

Our Adult Religious Education group meets every Sunday before service in the MacArtor Library at 9:15 a.m. There are also occasional evening opportunities for adult RE. Check the events page and/or the church calendar to find current adult RE offerings.