We understand how important it is for parents and guardians to guide their children into becomming responsible, compassionate adults…

The Children’s and Youth portion of our Religious Exploration Program is a continuum of opportunities for faith development and growth in areas of justice, compassion and environmental responsibility for young people ages 4 through 18.

Our volunteer instructors are background-checked, experienced, and full of energy. They are delighted to join you in the spiritual nurture of your child.

Classes meet weekly during the worship service and are divided loosely by age groupings (depending on where your young person feels most comfortable):

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS:                                                                                         YOUTH PROGRAMS:

Chalice Children (about ages 4 through 7)                                                           Coming of Age /O.W.L. (about ages 12 through 14)

Roots and Shoots (about ages 8 through 12)                                                       Youth Group (about ages 14 through 18)

Need more information? Contact the Religious Education/Exploration Office at dre@uusmc.org