Summer of Science Activities

Sundays June 16 – August 25


June 16                 “Classifying Life”   Why is a cat not a tree? In this lesson children will make their own “life forms” and classify them to determine how their creations compare with each other’s. By the end of the class, children will create their own “Tree of Life” for their creations.


June 23                “Cooking is Chemistry” Is cooking actually chemistry? Our own chef Cathy will guide children in exploring how people combine ingredients and use mixing, heating, and cooling to create new materials, similar to what chemists do in the laboratory. Children will set up a solution to create their own colorful crystals over the next few weeks. Children will also experiment with using heating, mixing, and cooling to create food.


June 30                  “Invisible Ink”  How are acids, bases, and secret messages connected? In this lesson children will discover some common acids and bases that we eat, and how you can use acids and bases to make secret messages. Children will use pH paper to see how mixing acids and bases together change the pH of a solution.


July 7                    No Religious Exploration this Week  (4th of July Weekend)


July 14                 “Meadow Ecology”  How are living thing connected to one another? In this lesson, Jamie guides children in an exploration of our own meadow to discover how living things are dependent upon one another. Children will also get to inspect their crystal creations from the previous week.


 July 21                   ‘Family Band”  What makes a sound high or low? In this lesson children will explore how wavelength and sound are linked and how this is used in various musical instruments. Children will also get to make their own flutes. Chris and Anna will also lead children in making music! Bring your instruments!


July 28                  “Outbreak!”  How do we make each other sick? In this lesson, children will learn how disease is spread and how the source of a disease can be identified. Children will simulate the outbreak of a disease and track their contact with other children to determine who was Patient Zero.


August 4             “Buoyancy”  What makes your boat float? In this lesson children will learn about buoyancy and how it is used in ship building. Children will make their own boats and compete to see which boat can hold the most pennies before sinking.


August 11             “Magnets”  What makes something a magnet? In this lesson children will learn about permanent magnets and electromagnets. Children will make a compass and learn how a compass tracks the magnetic field of the Earth.


August 18            No Religious Exploration this Week   (Inter-generational Service “Blessing the Animals”)


August 25           “Lemon Batteries”  How much energy is in you? In this lesson children will learn about batteries and how they are used to store and harness energy. Children will get to make their own battery and hook up batteries together to illuminate LEDs.