If you want to learn more about membership, or if you have decided to become a member, speak with the minister or one of the membership chairpersons or email membership@uusmc.org.

A monthly meeting dedicated to new member information is held immediately after the Sunday service. Check our calendar for the date of the next member information session.

When you are ready, you can sign the membership book, which is common practice in Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Important Aspects of Membership

The Spiritual Aspect of Membership

Membership in a faith community is about our need to belong, to grow, and to give spiritually.

When you sign the membership book, you are saying that you want the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek (UUSMC) to be your faith community. The UUSMC belongs to all who have become members. Membership invites you to join with others to share the privileges and responsibilities of a commitment to faith and hope.

Membership can empower us to advance our larger Unitarian Universalist faith, and it can encourage us to set an example of religious living and leadership for our own members and the wider community.

The Official Aspect of Membership

Unitarian Universalist congregations are independent and self-governing. We use the democratic process to make our by-laws, elect a board of trustees and president, and vote on all important decisions at an annual meeting.

The minister does not govern the congregation.

Only members in good standing may vote. A member in good-standing is a person who has signed the membership book at least thirty-five days prior to the annual meeting and has given a contribution of record.

As all important decisions come before the board and are then voted on at the annual meeting, membership means taking care of the business of the congregation, and each member has a role in that decision-making process.

The Practical Aspect of Membership

There are few paid staff members at UUSMC — almost all work is done by volunteers. Members get the most out of their religious experience by taking part in the Sunday services, getting involved in the work of a committee, and helping to plan and participate in social activities.

An important aspect of a healthy congregation is the financial stewardship. We encourage members to make an annual pledge to support the work of the congregation, including staffing, building operation, and maintenance. Your financial contribution also helps support the work of the Central East Region and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The giving of money is an essential tool for the work of the congregation, but there are many ways to give to UUSMC.

At UUSMC everyone is welcomed and valued, no matter what their circumstances.