Photo of Margaret McLaughlin

UUSMC is my beloved community

UUSMC has provided me with so many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. I have felt supported in allowing my experience to inform my spiritual path, to trust that what resonates for me can be a beacon that leads me deeper into a life that has meaning for me. This journey that...

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The impact of adult religious education

Attending this adult religious education class has been the most impactful thing I’ve done since joining UUSMC more than 25 years ago. The self-reflection, discussion, and sharing within our group has helped me progress in leaps and bounds on my spiritual journey. I have a deeper sense of  the “why”...

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What I get from UUSMC

I’ve moved three times in the past three years. When I was packing my things for this third move, my daughter-in-law gave us an extra crock pot, and in it Ivonne and I cooked our first crock pot meal. A crock pot has an inner life. You can’t see what’s...

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