There are many opportunities to share your time and talents with UUSMC. Take a look at our list of committees and see where you might fit in. Questions? Email

Are you a people person?

  • Caring Community: the chairperson of the Caring Community works with the minister and calls and sends cards when anyone in the membership is ill or has death in the family. This committee helps arrange meals and other forms of support as appropriate.
  • Greeters: this committee ensures that two greeters are available for Sunday morning, calls visitors who sign the guest book, and gives those names to the membership chair and the minister.
  • Hospitality: this committee arranges coffee and refreshments following the Sunday service and makes sure people sign up and that supplies are on hand.
  • Membership: the Membership Committee keeps track of membership. It also sends notes to visitors and new members and arranges newcomer gatherings, maintains the directory, and hosts the Membership Fair. Email
  • Nominations: the Nominations Committee finds and submits nominees for the Board of Trustees to the annual meeting in May.
  • Sunday Services: this committee works with the minister and staff to create Sunday morning services, particularly the monthly lay-led services and the summer services.

Are you a great communicator?

  • Denominational Affairs: this committee keeps track of Joseph Priestley District (JPD) and Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) meetings, correspondence, and notices. The chairperson attends meetings of JPD.
  • Ministry Liaison: this committee facilitates communication and education about ministry with the minister, the congregation, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Communications: the Communications Committee promotes Mill Creek in the local media, maintains the website, social media accounts and helps promote special events. Email

Are you good with numbers?

  • Bookkeeping: the Bookkeeping Committee is in charge of UUSMC banking. It makes deposits of all funds, writes checks, and sends appropriate documents to the government. The committee also assists in the annual audit of records and uses a computer database to keep track of all records. It reports to the Board of Trustees. Email
  • Capital Fundraising: the chairperson of this committee works with the Finance Committee. The Capital Fundraising Committee is charged with campaign for funds for the land and facility. Email
  • Finance: the Finance Committee is responsible for planning the annual budget and its distribution, and it works with the bookkeeper and Investment sub-committee. This committee organizes the annual canvass and special fund-raising events. Email

Are you handy?

  • Facilities: the Facilities Committee performs routine maintenance and repair jobs at our church. They also arrange for Sunday morning and special event set-up of chairs, tables, and hymnals. Email
  • Sound System: Volunteers learn and operate the sound system for Sunday Services and other events. Ability to plug things in and flip switches are the only prerequisites.

Do you love music and celebrations?

  • Music: this committee works with the Director of Music for Sunday Services music. Email
  • Social Events: the Social Events Committee arranges special events like potluck suppers, the Winter Solstice celebration and the Passover Seder.

Do you like to learn new things and share them with others?

  • The REImagineers is a volunteer-led committee organized (in partnership with the DRE) to promote, coordinate, administer and evaluate the total RE program of Mill Creek from preschool to age 18.
  • Religious Exploration Teachers and Assistants: There is a great need for adults to teach and assist in our religious exploration classes each Sunday. Email to volunteer.
  • People who enjoy sharing with Children and Youth: Do you have a story to tell, a hobby to share?  Do you bake cookies, do magic tricks enjoy photography, tie dye, paint, etc? If you have a hobby or skill you’d like to share, our children and youth would LOVE to spend an hour with you on a Sunday. Contact our DRE at  You’ll be glad you did!
  • Adult Religious Education: We have plenty of opportunities for discussion group leaders. Contact

Do you want to reach out and make our community better?

  • Social Justice: this committee addresses unmet social justice needs in our community, nation and wider world through a balanced mix of service, education, advocacy and public witness. We engage the congregation in activities and partner with relevant individuals, groups and organizations. Email
  • Welcoming Congregation: this committee facilitates the Welcoming Congregation program to educate the congregation about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues and concerns.