July 10: “Names on a Class List” by Diana Saunders

As the world around us changes, so too do the experiences of both students and teachers. The school environment is noticeably different today than it was even ten years ago. What have educators learned in recent years about how students learn? How does social and emotional growth fit (or not fit) into the school curriculum? What types of values, are or could be part of a child’s school experience?

Diana Headley Saunders has been a member of Mill Creek since 2004, and she has two daughters, ages 24 and 22. Her mother, Roberta Headley, is also a member of this church. Diana has been a full-time teacher for 22 years in four different independent schools. Her teaching experiences have primarily been with middle school and upper elementary students. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College and a Masters of Science in Education degree from Bank Street Graduate School in New York City.

Music will be performed by Rachel Sabella, with hymns led by Brian Hanson.