June 19: Rev. Andrew Weber “Mythos vs. Logos”

Unitarian Universalists promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  Even with this stated focus on individual search, we sometimes focus on truth from facts and reason while diminishing the truths to be found in fictional stories and mythology.  Some of our deepest personal and communal truths, however, cannot be expressed only through logic and facts.  This Sunday we look at truths gleaned through both logic (logos) and stories (mythos) and how to be open to both types of learning.

Rev. Andrew Weber is a Unitarian Universalist minister living in Newark, DE with his wife and two children.  Andrew is currently a fitness coach at the University of Delaware, provides pulpit supply and is a stay-at-home parent.  In August he will begin ministry at Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Collegeville, PA.  Andrew’s ministry is one of helping people and communities live into their best selves.  He reflects on living a faith-informed life on an online blog called “How to Drive Like a Minister”.