June 23: “Stepping into the Unknown”

Normally in our personal lives and in our life as a community, our approach to the future is to set a goal and then determine how to get there. Yet today, we stand on the precipice of a future that will behave significantly different from the past.
We are on the other side of the pandemic –
except that we are not.

People are settling into their new worship patterns –
except that they are not.

Furthermore, we don’t yet have the language to describe a desired future state.

What will success look like now?
Who can say?

In the challenge Rev. Greg gave us while he was away, the point is not defining what tomorrow will look like but rather defining what is driving us toward tomorrow.

We will begin this adventure in a unique and engaging Sunday worship service. Come, online or in person, and join the conversation.

Music will be performed by the Mill Creek Choir and Rachel Sabella.

The Rev. Robert J. Broesler, a member of Mill Creek since 2013, began his career as a psychotherapist. He is a retired Episcopal Priest, and previous Director of the State of Delaware Office of Community Services. His present life is deeply shaped by the loss of his youngest son Justin to suicide in 2017, and the journey back to meaning since that loss.  Now “retired’, his passion is serving people who have experienced loss, especially those who have lost a child. He runs a grief counseling practice and is a life coach for pastors. Bob is honored to have been an occasional preacher at Mill Creek.