March 13: Intimacy with the Intimate

It is said that those seeking a relationship with God yearn for “intimacy with the infinite.” Whether “God-language” resonates with you or not, what might it mean to become close to that which is incomprehensibly vast? Can we ever find comfort in mystery?

Rev. Abbey Tennis (she/her) serves as Lead Minister at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. A life-long UU, Abbey was a lay leader for fifteen years prior to entering the ministry, serving as a youth on the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) board of trustees, working in the UUA’s Youth Office, and as a member of the continental UU Ministerial Fellowship Committee. In addition to First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, Abbey has served the First Unitarian Church of Oakland, CA, and All Souls Church in Washington, D.C. congregations, as well as serving Starr King School for the Ministry as Interim Director of Advancement. Her previous career included climate change policy work and professional facilitation. Abbey lives in West Philly with her partner Kai, their 2 cats, Teacup and Hildegard, and their 11 month old baby Nova.

Music will be performed by the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware – in advance of their scheduled Showcase live (and livestreamed!) performances here at Mill Creek on Friday & Saturday, March 18th & 19th. More information, including how to purchase tickets, can be found in a separate announcement further down.