Mid-Year Congregational Meeting

This Sunday we welcome everyone to join us for our Mid-Year Congregational Meeting. Our planned agenda:

  • Chalice Lighting
  • Report on the current state of the 2020-21 Budget, and projections through June 2021
  • Report on the 2021 Generosity Campaign
  • Information regarding our newly established Endowment Fund
  • Q&A regarding Rev. Greg’s Letter of Agreement
  • Instructions on voting
  • Closing Homily by Rev. Greg https://vimeo.com/504105919

Join on Zoom beginning at 10:50am at: https://zoom.us/j/97806427419

Download Meeting Packet Materials

Story for All Ages: https://vimeo.com/503914610
Worship Meditation: https://vimeo.com/503907811
Music to accompany today’s service: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…