September 13: We are not done

This Sunday, we celebrate the tradition of our Unitarian Universalist Ingathering. Of course, we cannot gather in person, but we will do so virtually!

Here’s how that all will work listen to the sermon, the story for all ages, and the mediation (optional, of course).


Worship Meditation:

A Story for All Ages:

Music to accompany today’s service:

Then, we invite you to join with your congregation for our Sunday Morning Live! session at 11:00 AM on Zoom where we will have our “gathering of the waters” ritual.

We invite you to have a bit of water handy. Rev. Greg will call on each of the participants who will offer their water to the common bowl by saying, “From ‘X’, I bring ‘Y'” Where ‘X’ is the source of the water and ‘Y’ is the spiritual gift you bring to the congregation this year. For example. “From my kitchen tap, I bring possibility.” Or “From the White Clay Creek, I bring joy.”

Please make plans to join us on Sunday at 11:00 am.