2020 Generosity Campaign Update

We are just 11 days away from the end date of our 2020 Pledge Campaign! If you’ve already completed your pledge card, or confirmed your pledge via Realm, THANK YOU!  Your active love for Mill Creek shines bright in the commitment you have made to our community. Every pledge that we receive allows us to plan for the future of of our church and care for all those who gather within our sacred spaces, whether on Sunday mornings for worship, weeknights for chalice circle or book group meetings, weekend afternoons for meadow maintenance, and many more.

Yet, while we are making strides in this year’s Pledge Campaign, we need ALL pledges to help get us to the finish line!  We have set a goal to have all pledges received by Sunday, December 1st. This is to give the Finance Team adequate time to prepare the budget for 2020.

If you have yet to make your pledge, please consider doing so today. You can make your pledge of record in one of the following ways:

  • Return your completed pledge card to the church office via mail
  • Bring your pledge card to church and place it in the offering plate, or the collection box in the gathering space
  • Log on to your Realm profile and pledge online

Use the links below if you are ready to make your pledge online, or if you need help with Realm. If you have questions about pledging, please see Rev. Greg or any member of the Stewardship Committee; or contact the church office, administrator@uusmc.org.

David Bonner, Fran Gulino, Fran Loeffelholz, Judy Pappenhagen, Ram Ray, Steve Selph, Melissa Bryson