April 8: Children’s Religious Exploration

Last Week, we had lots of Easter fun! The Roots and Shoots friends hid plastic eggs with pennies tucked inside for the Chalice Children to hunt outside.  All the children dyed eggs, shared crafts and activities. The Coming of Age and Youth Groups gathered together in the library to enjoy a beautiful video showing coming of age rituals from across the world.

This Sunday Our Chalice Children will begin a unit about nature. Our Coming of Age group is scheduled to visit WellSprings Congregation in Chester Springs, PA. The Youth Group will have a session on attentive listening.

Following worship, during our monthly potluck gathering, the Roots and Shoots class will share their projects and presentations on the state of education for women and girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  You don’t want to miss this!!! Come out and enjoy a pot luck of Central Asian food.  You are invited to share your own Central Asian or Middle Eastern recipe too!

Mill Creek RE Volunteers are special, loved and appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve in our welcoming Religious Exploration Program, contact our DRE at dre@uusmc.org.  There’s a place for you in our circle of safety, love and learning.

​Check us out!!! You’d be surprised to see all of the meaningful activity and learning that occurs during the RE hour!