April 8: When the Ground is Pulled Out From Under You

Join us for worship this Sunday, April 8th at 10:30 a.m. as we begin our worship series on Groundedness with the Rev. Robert J. Broesler and his message, When the Ground is Pulled Out From Under You.

Music for the day will be performed by the Mill Creek Choir under the direction of Kristen Tosh-Morelli with Pam Allenstein, pianist. We’ll be joined by Andy Levin, soloist, and Diana Saunders, flutist.

Religious Exploration (RE)

During Service

This Sunday, our Chalice Children will begin a unit about nature. Our Coming of Age group is scheduled to visit WellSprings Congregation in Chester Springs, PA. The Youth Group will have a session on attentive listening.

Adult Religious Exploration

Before Service

Diverse Community

Join us this Sunday at 9 am in the MacArtor Library for the start of this workshop, which explores Unitarian Universalist history as one current in the stream of human history, with its own themes of thought and action that swirl, eddy, and bubble to prominence at different points in time. A selection of stories from our faith heritage offers not only a grounding of knowledge, but also insights into contemporary issues, practices, challenges, and trends in our faith movement. The workshop presents an overview and a time line which will help the group place events in historical context as they are explored in future workshops. This is a drop-in discussion — no registration is necessary.

Potluck Luncheon

After Service

Central Asian Banquet!

Please join us for a Central Asian Banquet.  You are welcome to share your own Central Asian or Middle Eastern dish.  During the potluck gathering the Roots & Shoots class will share their projects and presentations on the state of education for women and girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

​​​​​It’s going to be another wonderful day of worship and fellowship at Mill Creek!​​