Beyond Belief

Join us for worship this Sunday, August 16th at 10:30 am

This week, Rev. Greg will continue to introduce our work for the coming year, with a message called, “Beyond Belief.” This is the second in a series of messages that are calling our congregation to the work of discerning a bold mission for this church.

We will be joined this week by the wonderful jazz artist, Dr. Mike Arenson. Our Religious Education students will join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of our worship service and will adjourn to the RE wing after the Story For All Ages.

You are invited to come early for Adult Religious Education. Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination are this week’s topics. We will watch a video in which Dr. Chris Dula explains the difference between stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination. He reveals how our automatic bias reflects in our relations with others. Can we consciously eliminate bias and discrimination? Please join us for discussion at 9:15 this Sunday in the MacArtor library.