Big Music Sunday is April 15, 2018

Mill Creek has a long-standing tradition of featuring the musical talents of our congregants each year at a special service focused on music. On Big Music Sunday, we participate in a recital-format service, with performers of all ages, varieties, genres and styles, from solo to large groups, sharing their love of music together!

This year’s theme is “Awaken to Love”; all performers (young and old, novice and experienced) are encouraged to share their love of music, with performances perhaps on the theme. Musicians will have the opportunity to make a brief statement (or have it read) about their song, their performance, their instrument, their love of music or how music (specifically or in general) awakens the listener to love.

Sign-up before March 25 by sending an email to music director Kristen Tosh Morelli: or by dropping her a note in the office. Please include contact information!

We look forward to hearing from YOU!