Blessing of Sharing at Mill Creek

“We enter in celebration, to learn, to share, to grow together…”

We recite these words at the start of every worship service here at Mill Creek.  It is more than just recitation, it is what draws us to this community — to celebrate life, to learn better how to act on our principles, to share our very selves with others and to grow as a Unitarian Universalist faith community.

We invite you to join us in reflecting upon all that we share together from the perspective of these powerful words: celebrate, learn, share, and grow.

Please read the story below, written by one of our members about their experience of learning here at Mill Creek.  After the story there is a simple chart which represents how the budget of Mill Creek underwrites these four aspects of our life together.  It is meant to illustrate that the details — the what of our budget — are but an expression of the purpose — the why of our budget.

Why we are a part of this community.
Why we come back every Sunday.
Why we are so proud to be a part of the story which is UUSMC.

Sharing at UUSMC: Why I like to be involved with Social Justice

“Why do I like to be involved with Social Justice? Could I write about this?” When I was given this assignment, my first thought? That I was not really the most qualified to write about helping others. Our church is filled with members who are involved with the giving of their time, treasure and talents to further the cause of social justice. However, I can definitely write about why I do what I do, small though the effort might be — I do it for myself. Helping others is the easiest way to feel happy. The surge of endorphins one experiences in these acts is called the “helper’s high”. Helping someone makes me feel a more complete person. It also gives me a wonderful sense of connection with others who work alongside with me in common purpose. We have so many things around us we can rejoice in. At the same time, so many events cause us to despair. For me, helping to address the social injustice, albeit in small steps, helps to keep the despair at bay and allows me to celebrate all the goodness in my life.

I walked into the UUSMC, with my family, Christmas Eve of 1997, and as I followed the reading in the makeshift church in the Chinese American Community Center, I felt a deep sense of belonging. While we raised our children, we could not always be in the forefront of social justice work. However, I had some great role models like Jane Frelick -who visited women in prison and made tapes of them reading books, which their children could listen to. She also helped raise funds for Planned Parenthood and signed up congregants for blood bank membership. Don Andersen was another stalwart and many of the programs we implement now were set in place by him. Lauri with the Heifer project, Joanne with the Fair Trade products and Robbie, the SJC secretary have all been anchors of the Social Justice Committee. So, to put it simply, endorphins- the happiness chemicals, friendship, belonging, and a sense of giving back are the reasons for my involvement in the Social Justice Committee.
– Chitra Vaidy, UUSMC Member since 1999

We enter in celebration, to learn, to share, and to grow together….

Celebrate                                                                      $127,655
Learn                                                                             $68,090
Share                                                                          $46,865
Grow                                                                             $15,390
Budget total                                                             $258,000

These are proportional allocation of costs for building, staff, supplies, utilities, etc.

Pledge cards for the upcoming 2016-17 fiscal year have been mailed to all members of the Mill Creek church. We would like to have completed cards returned by Sunday, June 19. You can place yours in the collection plate, the drop box by the office door, or mail it.

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