Bunnies, Bugs, and Bumblebees

Bunnies, bugs, and bumblebees are the big things in the meadow right now.  Our milkweed is attracting all kinds of insects, but we haven’t seen any monarch butterflies … yet. What are those orange and black bugs anyway and why are they crawling over each other?

Our Children’s RE program seeks to inspire in our youngsters a love of nature and for all creatures great and small. We have been learning about the amazing migration and life cycle stages of the beautiful monarch butterfly. Our children have undertaken the mission to help monarchs this year, and we are doing that by growing milkweed in our meadow, planting and tending the new butterfly garden, providing water and treats, and hopefully growing and tagging the butterflies. The monarchs are just now coming into our area. Let us know if you see any, especially in the our meadow. The children will be looking for monarch eggs on the milkweed.