Children’s Religious Education/ Exploration Update

Our BIG Religious Exploration Kick-Off is set for Sunday, September 17. We will be constructing a giant Peace Dove that we will be flying on Sunday, September 24. This effort is to commemorate the International Day of Peace (Sept 21), and to instill a love for peace and conflict resolution in our children. Please encourage your children and their friends to come out and help us have a great start to the new church year.

Change of Date – Autumnal Equinox Celebration! We’ve changed the date and added S’mores to our next Family Fun Night on Saturday evening, September 23, 6:30 PM. Come out and celebrate the arrival of fall with fellowship and a camp fire!

The RE Asian Pear sale netted a whopping $58.00 to help support our children’s RE program. These are organically grown right in our Mill Creek meadow with the loving care of our children and youth.

We have had five families take Monarch Caterpillars home to care for them as they begin to form their chrysalis and change into a butterflies. Let us know if you are interested in fostering a Monarch. You need a wire or mesh cage, and plenty of Milkweed (and we have plenty in the church meadow that you can bring home). This is a pretty easy way to witness first-hand one of the great miracles of nature.

Kids and adults are encouraged to bring Butterfly “treats” and leave them on the “Butterfly Altar” in the Garden. Old and even rotten fruit is quite the delicacy (think mushy, overripe fruit).

Members who are interested in supporting the children’s programming on Sunday mornings should speak with Terry Vedery.

Please contact us with any questions related to Children’s RE or our Butterfly Spirituality Program (