COMING OF AGE – A Unitarian Universalist Rite of Passage

At Mill Creek, we offer a special Coming of Age program for our 7-8 graders. Like the Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah and the Catholic Confirmation sacrament, “Coming of Age” is designed to acknowledge the transition from Childhood to Youth for Unitarian Universalists.

For the first time in their lives, our young people are asked to use their reason, experience and the dictates of their conscience to decide upon their own beliefs…and to act upon them. Our young people have truly grown in this process.

Throughout the Coming of Age year, our young people visited other houses of worship and engaged in an ongoing class helping them to understand Unitarian Universalism. They also met consistently with mentors who engaged them in serious life questions. The class even bonded with other UU “Coming-of-Agers” from throughout the region during a weekend retreat! This Sunday marks the end of the Coming of Age Year. And we plan to celebrate our youth in a special worship service.