December 10: Religious Exploration for Children and Youth


Last Sunday during the Religious Exploration Hour, our Chalice Children began the process of planting the seeds and watching them grow over time. Jamie Kegerise took the Chalice Children out for a little fresh air and allowed them to plant Milkweed seeds in the meadow. Youth group members had the opportunity to gain Service hours for helping Chalice Children to make our meadow beautiful.

The Roots and Shoots Class continued staging and rehearsals for their Christmas Play, “The Year Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas.”

The Coming of Age Class learned about how Unitarian Universalism acknowledges our Jewish and Christian faith heritage as one of our Sources.


CHALICE CHILDREN: Our Youngest children will learn that Unitarian Universalists strongly believe in speaking up for and with those who are not being heard. In many congregations, it is just not adults who speak up but children, too. By encouraging our children to speak for those whose voices are not being heard, we help them understand that just one voice can make a difference and we should never feel that what little we can do is not valuable.

ROOTS AND SHOOTS: Children in the class will talk about their classroom covenant and rehearse for their Holiday Play.

COMING OF AGE Welcomes Rev. Greg! Our 7-8 graders will have opportunity to get to know Rev. Greg. Please encourage your child to think of a great question to ask Rev. Greg about his life and personal faith journey.

YOUTH GROUP: Members of the Youth Group are invited to come to Classroom #4 for a chalice lighting and reading, icebreaker games and the opportunity to get to know one another.

We’ve just received word that our Symbolic Monarchs ​have arrived in Mexico!

Our Religious Education Program at Mill Creek is a part of the worldwide Symbolic Migration Project. This Project unites children across North America through the migration of symbolic ambassador butterflies. This fall 60,000 students from all over the world created symbolic monarch butterflies and sent them to Mexico. Sometime in March when the live monarchs’ departure from Mexico is announced, our symbolic butterflies will return north carrying special messages from our friends in Mexico.