December 16: Children’s and Youth Religious Exploration

CHALICE CHILDREN: This Sunday, Ivonne will lead the Chalice Children in a little Christmas fun!

ROOTS AND SHOOTS: The Roots and Shoots Friends will begin their second project for the year.

YOUTH: Youth in grades 7-12 meet in classroom #4 to engage in gift wrapping and have your gifts wrapped and waiting for you (for pick up) in the Library following worship.

O.W.L.: Following worship, the class will learn about the basics of healthy relationships and learn to identify the characteristics of romantic partners who can support them in exploring and defining their identities, developing interpersonal skill and identifying support.

SUNDAYS, December 9th through December 23rd
Mill Creek Elves are wrapping holiday gifts!

Make a donation to the Youth Group and your gifts will be wrapped, tagged and ready for pick up following the worship service!

IT’S EASY! Here’s what you do:

  • Prior to worship, bring your gifts to classroom #4 (The Blue Room at the end of the Hall).
  • One of our Elves will check-in your gifts and give you a pick-up ticket.
  • Go to worship.
  • Following worship, come to the Library with your pick-up ticket to collect your wrapped gifts.
  • And don’t forget to make a donation to the Youth Group!