December 31: Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

Last Sunday, December 24

Last Sunday, Our Chalice Children learned about the story of the birth of Jesus and practiced how to be patient while waiting for the holiday to unfold.

The Roots and Shoots Class explored peacemaking, and how each of us can find creative solutions to solve conflict and work cooperatively. They heard the true story of The Christmas Truce, in which, during World War I, soldiers from both sides crossed into the No Man’s Land between enemy lines to share Christmas gifts and songs in the spirit of shared humanity. They created skits in which they will came up with various solutions to a conflict.

This Sunday, December 31

This Sunday, the Chalice Children will experience the story of Dorothea Dix. We will reinforce the sixth Unitarian Universalist Principle, “We believe in working for a peaceful, fair and free world.” Adult volunteers will help children explore how our behavior choices matter in helping to support a peaceful, free, and fair world.

The Roots and Shoots Friends will celebrate December 31 as a time when many people look to new beginnings. They will have the opportunity to create a group project where they express their hopes for the New Year.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve in our vibrant Religious Exploration Program, contact our DRE at or, call her directly at 302-367-6533.