Our Faithify Campaign is Fully Funded!

A special THANK YOU to all who have contributed to help us attain our goal of $1500!

So, now what?

Well, the campaign is open for another three weeks, so we are continuing to raise funds. Any additional contributions will go to seed next year’s Concert Series. Consider additional contributions an investment in the sustainability and, well, awesomeness of this program! Whether you put in $5 or $500, it is a welcome gift – a gift to this community and the talents we showcase in the Kaleidoscope Series. Click on the link below to make your contribution – AND PLEASE SHARE the link on your social media – tell the world how much you love and appreciate great music!

Last year’s Kaleidoscope Concert Series was a wonderful inaugural year. We are blessed to have such fantastic talent in our area. As we continue to grow the audience for the series, we are moved to pay these fine musicians a fair wage for their performance. To that end, we have created a crowd funding project through Faithify, a crowd-sourced funding site exclusively for Unitarian Universalist projects.

FIRST: Please consider making a contribution. No amount is too small (or too large)! Give at the intersection of your means and your love of the music programs here at UUSMC. Click on this link to contribute: http://www.faithify.org/projects/support-local-musicians-reach-into-the-community/

SECOND: Please SHARE this link with your social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or with your friends via email. Tell them how important music is to you; the opportunity the Kaleidoscope Concert Series is for local musicians to build their audience; encourage them to support our community