February 11: Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

Last Sunday in Religious Exploration, the Chalice Children learned about our shared home of faith and made a chalice craft.  The Roots and Shoots friends welcomed Diane back from her journey to Oregon and California and the Coming of Age class had a lesson about Islam.

This Sunday, Our Chalice Children will celebrate Valentine’s Day. The Roots and Shoots friends will live our values as UU’s and affirm our 7th shared principle. The Coming of Age Class will have a lesson about our basic beliefs as UU’s, and the Youth Group will talk about romantic love.

Next Sunday, our Chalice Children’s session introduces kindness a gift that can be freely given every day. We will introduce the Golden Rule, which can be found in many faith traditions. The Roots and Shoots friends will finish plans for their spring events.  The Coming of Agers will spend time with their mentors and the Youth group will engage in a chalice circle activity.

Mill Creek RE Volunteers are special, loved and appreciated!  If you are interested in volunteering to serve in our welcoming Religious Exploration Program, contact our DRE at dre@uusmc.org.  There’s a place for you in our circle of safety, love and learning.