We Need Your Help

Infant and Toddler care during worship and congregational events is an important ministry of Congregational Life. Providing watchful and safe space for our youngest kids offers the opportunity for parents and caregivers to be fully present in worship and volunteer in other ministries of the church.

We continue to seek an individual to be our Childcare Coordinator. This is a great position for a junior or senior High School student looking to complete volunteer hours, or it can certainly be filled by an adult. The job entails ensuring that we have qualified childcare staff on Sundays and other days upon request by maintaining a list of childcare workers and scheduling them as needed. The time requirement is less than an hour per week. Please contact Rev. Greg (minister@uusmc.org) if you are interested, or know someone who might be interested in this ministry.

Childcare Workers are also needed, as most of workers on our list are moving on to college or other pursuits.  Typically we hire qualified high-school aged workers to care for the children, although qualified adults are welcome as well! We pay $10/hour, or can certify volunteer hours if the worker chooses. (This is another good way for a High School student to meet some volunteer hour requirements.)

If you have a babysitter you trust and enjoy, please send their contact information to Rev. Greg (minister@uusmc.org).