Do you have an interest to help a child’s mind expand?

We are looking for adults to volunteer to lead and help with RE especially on November 7 and November 20. Many thanks to everyone who has helped out so far!

We have brought back the ‘sign-up Genius’ for members who are interested in supporting the children’s programming on Sunday mornings. Go to SignUp Genius to access a schedule and to volunteer to teach or help in a class on Sundays. We encourage you to join us — the RE-Imagineers — to make a difference in a child’s life!

Other ways you can help…

  • We are seeking a few adults with a spiritual interest in nature and the environment to assist with a long-term children’s project relating to our meadow, the life there and the amazing migration of Monarch butterflies.
  • We are seeking a small Christmas tree for December for our children to decorate (for Classroom One).

We welcome and look forward to children coming to room one on Sunday after Reverend Greg’s Story!

Our next RE-Imagineers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1, 7:00 PM in Classroom One. We invite interested adults and youth to help us create a meaningful RE program for our children. Please contact Jamie Kegerise with any questions related to Children’s RE.