January 13: Religious Exploration News

Remember to Register your Child/Youth.

Registration is essential to our program’s planning, purchasing, communication, and overall successful management. Click here to access our convenient online registration form. Hard copy registration forms are located on the church bulletin board.

Click here to learn more about our Religious Exploration Program. Guided by our shared principles as Unitarian Universalists, we provide an atmosphere that facilitates spiritual and ethical development for all ages in a safe and welcoming environment.

Children’s and Youth Religious Exploration

This SUNDAY in R.E. Anna will lead the Chalice Children in a lesson about how our bodies are beautiful. The Stephanie and Heather lead the Roots and Shoots Friends as they continue their learning unit about lemurs and welcome their new mascot to the class. During the Worship Service, Youth will meet in the library to engage in the group activity,” If You Had to Choose,” a game about priorities. Following worship, the Our Whole Lives class will have a session about bullying and bystanders.


Terry Vodery, Director of Religious Exploration

Sunday morning Adult RE sessions are held every week in the MacArtor Library from 9:15-10:15 am. NO registration is required for Sunday mornings. Just drop in!

The following classes require online registration (this helps us to know how many participants we can expect to serve):

Shared Pulpit Workshop
You have a story. Each of our stories is part of a larger narrative of being human in this world, in this time. One of the most powerful spiritual practices we have is in the sharing of our stories and reflecting on the ways those stories awaken us to love, illuminate our humanity, connect us to the holy and ineffable – and common – experience of life. We invite you to join Rev. Greg for this 8-session workshop which will guide you in developing your story into a sermon and worship experience that you may share with the congregation. The workshop will meet on Saturdays from 9:00 – noon. January 19, 26; February 9; March 2, 23; April 13; May 11, 18.

Listening to Our Lives
Śrāddha is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as “faith.” Perhaps more accurately, it refers to “that which we set our hearts upon.” This course is designed for you to know yourself more fully, so that you may live out more deeply those things you set your heart upon. In this small group, we will engage in the perennial religious topics: inspiration, God, community, suffering, death, spiritual practice, living our gifts, and salvation. It is intended for those who wish to engage seriously, and open-heartedly with these topics; those who seek to listen to who their lives call them to be. Rev. Greg will lead the group meeting on Monday evenings from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: January 28; February 4, 11, 18; March 11, 18, 25; April 1, 8. Attendance at all sessions is necessary. If you know you are unable to attend for more than two sessions, we invite you to register for the course when offered again. Please contact Rev. Greg (minister@uusmc.org) if you have questions.

Waking Up White
This is a four-week workshop exploring the experience of growing up white. It will be a deep and challenging workshop, but will be framed by reflections on a common read of Debby Irving’s book, Waking Up White. Several copies will be available in the library. Mary Higgins leads the group on Sundays following worship 12:00-1:00 pm: February 10th – March 3rd, in Classroom #1.