January 22: Towards Hope

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. when Rev. Greg continues with our ministry theme of Hope with his message, “Toward Hope.” Music will be performed by the Gold and Blue Brass ensemble, comprised of four Music Majors currently studying at the University of Delaware: Derek Dillman, Ayanna Posipanko, Benjamin Rossman and Steven Riddle.

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Children’s Religious Education (RE)

We welcome and look forward to children coming to Classroom One on Sunday after Reverend Greg’s Story! This Sunday Ivonne Antongiorgi and Jack Guerin will be reading The Sword of Wood, a Jewish story from Afghanistan. The children will be discussing the ideas of faith and prayer.

Adult Religious Education (ARE)

This Sunday we will be sharing reflections on the Women’s March on Washington and the new era which is emerging.

​It’s going to be another great day at Mill Creek!​​