Joy of Growing at Mill Creek

“We enter in celebration, to learn, to share, to grow together…”

We recite these words at the start of every worship service here at Mill Creek.  It is more than just recitation, it is what draws us to this community — to celebrate life, to learn better how to act on our principles, to share our very selves with others and to grow as a Unitarian Universalist faith community.

We invite you to join us in reflecting upon all that we share together from the perspective of these powerful words: celebrate, learn, share, and grow.

Please read the story below, written by one of our members about their experience of learning here at Mill Creek.  After the story there is a simple chart which represents how the budget of Mill Creek underwrites these four aspects of our life together.  It is meant to illustrate that the details — the what of our budget — are but an expression of the purpose — the why of our budget.

Why we are a part of this community.
Why we come back every Sunday.
Why we are so proud to be a part of the story which is UUSMC.

Growing: It’s all about people

On our first Sunday visiting UUSMC, the parish was between Lead Ministers. I honestly do not recall who preached but I recall who greeted us – Jamie Kegerise. His genuine, open and loving embrace of Tracy and me made us feel loved and welcomed.
So we returned the next week, and once again, Jamie was there. We met a few more folks but he was the connection that first month. I would look for him and know I would get a big hello.
After three years (my my — is it that long?) Tracy, Becky and I have made many friends at UUSMC. Our community has become a bedrock in our lives. Each person touches a unique part of our hearts. For me, it is Fran who offers his truck; Laura who roots with me for the UCONN Huskies; Jack who inspires me; Mary Pat who affirms me; Kate who makes me smile; Jane who makes me laugh; Prakash who warms my soul; Michelle who challenges me; Vicky who delights me; Andy who entertains me; Matt who supports me; Patti who appreciates me; Steve who teaches me; the choir who lifts me up; that preacher guy (Greg?) who simply gets me every time.
I have spent my life seeking to understand spiritual growth and to possibly somehow assist others to find such development. I have learned there are many ways for that to happen, from Yoga to meditation to singing to quiet walks. However, what I have discovered at UUSMC is that simply being part of community of loved and loving friends is a source of incredible growth. Grounded in you I am better able to face my fears, celebrate my triumphs and enjoy the simple wonder of being alive.

Thank you. Thank you so very much.

– (The Rev.) Robert (Bob) Broesler, UUSMC Member since 2013

We enter in celebration, to learn, to share, and to grow together….

Celebrate                                                                      $127,655
Learn                                                                          $68,090
Share                                                                             $46,865
Grow: It’s all about people                                $15,390
Budget total                                                             $258,000

These are proportional allocation of costs for building, staff, supplies, utilities, etc.

Pledge cards for the upcoming 2016-17 fiscal year have been mailed to all members of the Mill Creek church. We would like to have completed cards returned by Sunday, June 19. You can place yours in the collection plate, the drop box by the office door, or mail it.

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