“Little” Big Music Sunday Opportunities

This spring, our Big Music Sunday featured a guest performer instead of a in-house recital. To give as many folks as possible the chance to perform for our congregation, we are cultivating “Little” Big Music Sundays for some summer services.

Each Little Big Music Sunday can feature musicians or singers of any age and experience level, performing between 1 and 3 songs during a Sunday service.

Remaining available dates are:
August 11 (3 songs available)
August 26 (3 songs available)

Please note, if needed these services will feature paid guest musicians or a mix of volunteers and guests so that all services have complete musical elements. The dates above are opportunities for congregants to perform but may not all end up being used as Little Big Music Sundays. Registration closes for each Sunday about 3 weeks in advance of the date.

Please email music director Kristen Tosh-Morell at music@uusmc.org to sign up.