March 26: There is No Certainty in Faith

Join us this at 10:30 a.m. as guest speaker Rev. Sage Olnick preaches, “There Is No Certainty in Faith.”

As Paul Rasor writes, “Liberal religion calls us to strength without rigidity, conviction without ideology, openness without laziness. It is an eyes-wide-open faith, a faith without certainty.” We Unitarian Universalists do not profess to have all the answers. Instead, we join each other and share in the big and difficult questions. This Sunday we will explore what it means for Unitarian Universalists to live and lose and love again when there is no certainty in faith.

​The Mill Creek Choir performs under Kristen Tosh-Morelli’s direction, featuring a cappella choral music. Pam Allenstein accompanies the hymns.

​Children’s Religious Education (RE)

We welcome the children to classroom 1 after the Story For All Ages.

Adult Religious Education (ARE)

Come early! Our Adult Religious Education group meets every Sunday at 9:15 am in the MacArtor Library. This Sunday we will have our third and final conversation about the “right of conscience”. This week we will look at the demands of conscience we are experiencing in these challenging and chaotic times. What are those challenges and how can we support each other in our responses to them. This will be another great Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there.

​​It’s going to be another great day at Mill Creek!​​