Mill Creek Holds Vigil for George Floyd

We were joined on church grounds on Friday, June 12 by about 75 members and friends, including Coby Owens, who organized Wilmington’s recent boisterous but peaceful protest. Hear what Coby had to say by clicking here.

Rev. Greg Pelley the poem, let your grief rise by Rev. Theresa Inés Soto.

Mill Creek member Prakash Vaidy read aloud his own poem:

by Prakash Vaidy

Where is the Love.. I ask again .. where is the love?
When one cannot go on living .. we ask God above..
When one can only hope to keep on existing …
With not much more to live for .. how can one keep on loving?

To breathe or not to breathe .. may be a question..,
When To give up life without that breath …is the only option..
The “ knee on the neck” .. oh it so does suffocate …
Can we our system from this ever extricate?

How can we stand by and watch this all happen..,
How can we turn a blind eye to this utter desperation…
Lives are being taken … none asking even a question..
Where is the love? .., aren’t we as humans giving into such abomination?

Even ‘ere the movement started .. saying black lives matter ..
We shouldn’t have had to be told that .. should have known better …
That .. “ all lives matter” ..slogan , those who recite ..,
They surely must learn .. that our black brothers & sisters have no respite..

Isn’t it the truth .. White silence is white violence..?
And so it is for every other race which is deafened by its silence..,
Yes We need all the people in our country living ..
One nation , one race … just breathing .., with pure loving !

The Heart goes out…

It’s been centuries since the days of emancipation …
Yet , here we are ., still seeing no real freedom ., no real justification..,
For all the heartbreak ., the utter disdain for life ..
We really have to stand up for our black brethren , through all the strife..

Do unto others .. what you would have them do unto you..
Isn’t that the truth .. we cannot treat others different just because of their hue …
The heart is heavy .. goes out to every soul suffering ..
Under the burden caused by all these actions , differing …

Yes it’s been decades since MLK had a dream…
Yet not much has changed from what we can glean ..
It’s upon us .. ALL of us to make sure some day it’s a reality …
Stand united as one .. not divided .. keep striving for equality ..

So, The least we can do is show our solidarity ..
For Blacks whose lives do matter .. we need to think with clarity …
For the George Floyds of the world we can show we care ..
In any which way , be it voices.. silent protests.. or script.. never forbear ..