October 29: Religious Exploration for Children and Youth


Chalice Children: Last Sunday our youngest children explored the many ways we are surrounded by love in our church. We passed around a “Love Bowl,” where children each dropped in a stone and shared the name of someone they love. We were so touched to hear the children saying they loved each other! They are truly blending and bonding with each other in this class and we are so delighted! The class talked about the changes they are observing in their church and in nature as we transition from summer to fall. They even had a “not-so-messy” art project depicting the changes the colors of leaves on the trees.

Roots and Shoots: Last Sunday, the Roots and Shoots class started planning for their Christmas play, “The Year Mrs. Claus Took Over Christmas,” which will be held December 17. Mark your calendars!

High School Aged Youth: We held an interest/information meeting for all High School age youth. The room was full of positive friendly energy as they introduced themselves to one another and made plans for the coming months.


Chalice Children: This Sunday’s lesson will be about forgiveness. In the session, children will:
1) Identify words and phrases around forgiveness, 2) Introduce our second Unitarian Universalist Shared Principle that we believe all people should be treated fairly and 3) Discover the joy in using the words, “I forgive you.” Class will be held in their new room (Classroom #2). Weather permitting, they will also have time outside.

Roots and Shoots: The class will continue planning this year’s projects focused on care and concern for animals, the human community, and the environment. They will will continue researching and learning about social just causes they care about.

Coming Of Age Program: This Sunday is opening day for our 7-8 grade “Coming of Agers!” Participants are reminded to bring their completed registration forms. Class will meet in classroom #6 (next door to the library)

High School Aged Youth: Opening day for Youth Group. The group will meet in classroom #4.


If you are interested in volunteering to serve in the Religious Exploration Program, YOU ARE WELCOME! Contact our DRE at dre@uusmc.org or, call her directly at 302-367-6533. She will be happy to hear from you!