One Sunday…One Hour…

You have a lot to offer…

Have you ever thought about volunteering to share with our Children and/or Youth?  Ever thought about reading a story, enjoying an activity, sharing a lesson from your youth, or just helping out in a classroom?

Got a Sunday to spare?

The RE-Imagineers cordially invite YOU to visit a Children’s or Youth RE Class One Sunday for just One Hour of your time.  A Lead Volunteer will already be directing the class.  All we ask is that you come visit, share yourself, and Awaken to Love!

Try it out. 

You may just like it!

Mill Creek RE Volunteers are special, loved and appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact our DRE at

We will find a date that works for you in the classroom of your choice – and partner you with one of our Lead Teachers.  There’s a place for you in our circle of safety, love and learning.