Pledging at Mill Creek FAQ, Part III

Why should I pledge in addition to other donations I make?
Pledging allows Mill Creek to have a constant and predictable source of income. This is important because our expenses are predictable even when our income is not. It allows us to make sure that we can pay our mortgage, utilities, and UUA dues, while also compensating our staff – Rev. Gregory Pelley, Minister; Terry Vodery, Director of Religious Exploration; Kristen Tosh-Morelli, Music Director; and Debra Damiani, Office Administrator.  Pledging reflects our covenant with this place and its people.
Giving money in the collection plate on Sunday is something different. It offers us a spontaneous and real opportunity to share from our pockets. It gives us the opportunity to give back to our local and wider community, and to demonstrate how Mill Creek relates to it. It lets our tiny dollars and cents become hundreds of dollars and cents. It is a reflection of our call to awaken to love – put into social action.

Contributing to capital campaigns or the annual Service Auction are other ways to give. These allow Mill Creek to make big plans beyond just meeting our financial obligations.  However – none of these other methods of giving are as steady and reliable as promised intentions to give – pledges – from our members and friends.

How can I make my pledge?
Pledge cards have been mailed to members and friends; you can mail your card in, or bring it to church on Sunday and place in the collection plate or the box on the wall by the sanctuary entrance. OR, you can pledge online by using your Realm account – it’s fast and easy!  Either way, we ask that all pledges be made by Monday, November 12.