Pledging at Mill Creek FAQ, Part II

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I give?
We invite everyone to pledge support regardless of the amount; members and friends give from the intersection of their resources and the value the church has in their lives, and the life of the community. One way to think about your pledge is to reflect on the other ways you use your financial resources, and compare the relative value of this church, its community and its mission. In other words, what is the relative value of your gym membership or your morning coffee as compared to the mission of the church?

The UUA has a Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide that can help you decide what to give. You can find it on the UUA website. Many folks have found this to be a helpful tool in targeting their giving.

You might also want to consider who much the church needs to keep our doors open, to pay our professional staff, and pay for programming.  Currently, Mill Creek spends $1800 per member to operate.

What if my circumstances change and I cannot give what I pledged?
Of course, we recognize that life circumstances change over time, sometimes quite suddenly. If you find you need to change your pledge in any way, please contact our Office Administrator, Debra Damiani, at or 302-369-2712 and we will make the necessary adjustments. Conversely, if your circumstances change for the better, we invite you to make a positive adjustment to your commitment at any time!

How can I make my pledge?
Pledge cards have been mailed to members and friends; you can mail your card in, or bring it to church on Sunday and place in the collection plate or the box on the wall by the sanctuary entrance. OR, you can pledge online by using your Realm account – it’s fast and easy!  Either way, we ask that all pledges be made by Monday, November 12.

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