Roots & Shoots Friends Add Beauty to Our Meadow

Easter Sunday turned into an Earth Day celebration and time of service for our elementary-aged RE students as they planted close to 100 native meadow flowers plus a tray full of “seed bombs” that they launched into the fields!

Compost from the church’s compost bin was added with all the new plants (thanks to Diane Hofer for saving coffee grounds and other veggie/ fruits after each service for our compost bin). Lauri and Bobby Rickard donated the plants and seeds, Amy White also donated Golden Alexander and Brown-eyed Susan seeds, and Lauri and Amy both helped direct the kids Easter morning. Rev. Greg had the idea for the “seed bombs” and he provided the compost medium plus many of the seeds (remember the service several weeks ago when we added seeds to a bowl?). Laurie Guinard helped plant the remaining plants after the service. After the gardening work, the R&S kids were rewarded with an Easter Egg hunt provided by Rev.Terry our Director of Religious Exploration (they all went home with many pennies!).

Remember that our Meadow/Gardening group meets every Wednesday evening starting around 5:30 to work on garden upkeep (you don’t need any special knowledge or skills to help). It’s delightful to come out and see how the meadow changes through the growing season. We don’t just grow plants, we also grow community.