Youth Sexuality Education Being Offered This Fall

7th, 8th and 9th graders from Mill Creek are invited to participate in the “Our Whole Lives” program beginning this September and continuing through most of the school year. This comprehensive and balanced class is led by trained teachers.

We are hoping to merge our group with the program at First UU Church. This means we will have several spaces available for interested youth whose families are not members. There is no cost to our families for this program.

This is a wonderful and life-changing/ life-affirming experience that we feel is so important to the well-being of our young people. The curriculum has been recently updated to include relevant information about such pertinent topics as cyber-bullying and gender orientation. There will be an orientation meeting for parents in which the entire program will be explained and questions answered. It is very important that our youth have access to factual and compassionate information about their bodies and their relationships.

Jeanne and Brian Hanson and Reverend Greg are all trained “OWL” facilitators. Please ask them or contact for more information.