Share Our Plate, May 2018

For the month of May we will be donating half of our undesignated plate offerings to Arts Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH) in West Chester, PA.  AHHAH is an expressive art and literacy-based program, serving disadvantaged youth and their families in communities in Chester County. Their programs are designed to engage youth in mindful, artistic initiatives in order to establish positive pathways towards building a productive and fulfilling future.

From AHHAH’s website:

Through mindful and artistic initiatives our programs increase resiliency and create positive pathways towards productive and fulfilling futures for youth. We work though multiple intentional strategies (C.A.L.M.) to offset the stressful effects Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

  • Community Partnerships and Programs connect and engage youth, families, and seniors – creating lasting change in their lives and in their communities.
  • Arts Programming encourages youth to explore and discover their authentic voices.
  • Literacy Initiatives enable youth to succeed in life by becoming powerful readers, writers and thinkers.
  • Mindfulness Instruction improves attention, self-awareness, self-control, and emotional resilience.

Coatesville and Kennett Square have daunting challenges, but we also have much to celebrate and build on. We are profoundly hopeful that as a county — working together — we can reach our goals that every child in Chester County has the skills/tools and opportunities they need to achieve at their highest capacity.