Spotlight On….Chalice Circles

There are several opportunities for members and friends to share with one another their stories, experiences and ideas and get to know each other in safe and sacred environment. At Mill Creek these sacred spaces are called Chalice Circles, and are designed to augment and strengthen Sunday’s spiritual experience. We asked Mill Creek member Diane Hofer about her Chalice Circle experience and she was happy to share her thoughts with us. Thank you, Diane!

When did you begin your Mill Creek journey?
When I first wandered into Mill Creek in November 2015, like many of you, I was seeking a sense of community to fill a void in my life. It only took Greg’s sermon on Ordinary Courage that morning to know that Mill Creek would be my spiritual home.

What made you think about joining a Chalice Circle?
While you all made me feel at home the connections were, at first, somewhat superficial as we swirled into church, attended the service and swirled out into the world after a quick “cup of coffee and a cookie”. In chatting with the members during the course of 2016, I heard about “Chalice Circles” and thought that joining one might allow me to deepen my connections to the Mill Creek family. So, I sought out Joanne Knowles, the Chalice Circle coordinator at that time, and she had me join the Thursday evening Chalice Circle at the beginning of 2017.

What has your experience been like as part of a Circle?
I can honestly say that being a part of that Chalice Circle has been life changing and is one of the great joys of my life. The opportunity to have a safe space to share your joys, sorrows, challenges and fears in confidential covenant with the members of the Chalice Circle provides comfort and strength to face the many trials and tribulations of our lives. Yes, we all have busy hectic lives and the thought of adding something else to the mix might seem daunting but it is my conviction that the rewards and strength you will receive by joining a Chalice Circle will help lift your spirits and make facing the stress of everyday life more bearable.

​If you’re interested or would like more information Chalice Circles at Mill Creek, please contact Helen Springer.