Support the Kaleidoscope Concert Series

The Kaleidoscope Concert Series is a series of high-quality, professional concerts featuring local musicians, with an eye for diversity in genre and style: a colorful array of musical events.  This series is an official outreach program to the community at large.

We wish to provide our musicians with a fair payment for services rendered while keeping ticket prices accessible for the local community. With the funds raised via this Faithify effort, we will be able to provide the musicians with a guaranteed fair wage payment.

If we are unable to meet our Faithify goal, we will only be able to pay the musicians a portion of the ticket proceeds, which might not equal a fair wage for the performance.

The Kaleidoscope Concert Series team (the UUSMC music committee) is comprised entirely of volunteers; no one at UUSMC is paid for working on this outreach program. It is our hope that in the future we will be able to sustain completely on ticket revenue from year to year.

* Faithify supporters will be publicly recognized in our Season 2 program, and for each $50 donation you can receive a voucher for one ticket to a concert of your choice in Season 2.  (please email music {at} uusmc {dot} org to redeem)

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