The Faith of Dot-Connecting

Join us for worship this Sunday, August 9th at 10:30 am

Rev. Greg will offer a message called “The Faith of Dot-Connecting,” on the the spiritual gifts of bold exploration and vision. We will be joined by our fabulous musician friends, Jeanmarie and Christopher Braddock. Our Religious Education students will join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of our worship service and will adjourn to the RE wing after the Story For All Ages.

Come early (at 9:15 am) for our Adult Religious Education group. This week we will view the video, Francis – Turning the World on Its Head: Subverting the Honor/Shame System. Richard Rohr traces the system of honor and shame from St. Francis’s time to the present. He explains how the system affected the male role in society by emphasizing looking good to others though riches, power, titles, and other external signs. Women, he shows, achieved honor mostly through their domestic lives with an emphasis on humility, chasteness and obedience. Throughout history, not only individuals but groups, could regain honor if they lost it while others were shamed and could never change their status. Rohr points out how this system created a culture of violence that is still present today.