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Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek
We are a community that invites you to awaken to love.
Sunday Livestream & In-Person Worship
September 12th, 2021

10:00 AM
(note the time!)

Join us this Sunday for our annual Ingathering Service, held outdoors this year!

Connect with us: check your inbox on Sunday morning for information about the service, and for the livestream link
(NOTE: the Zoom link remains the same from week to week)
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** Congregational Life

** Upcoming events, meetings and news to know

** Saturday Campfires Continue

We’ve held a Saturday evening campfire on church grounds most every weekend throughout the warm summer months. If a summer campfire isn’t your thing, why not join us now that the seasons are changing, the evening weather cools down a bit, and we say goodbye to summer 2021.

We continue to hold a campfire in the Memorial Grove every Saturday evening (unless otherwise noted, and weather permitting). We gather around 7:30-ish. Bring all your comforts (lawn or camp chair, blanket, refreshment, etc.) and feel free to bring along your family, friends, and neighbors of all ages!

All of our campfire events are open to everyone!! The Memorial Grove is to the left of the main (back) parking lot as you drive in. (Note: there is a slight incline on a grassy area leading up to the area.) Please note that the church building will be closed except for restroom use (by one person or family at a time). Contact Jamie Kegerise ( or the church office ( (302-369-2712) with questions.

Most of us have seen the Viking Cruise adds about long, cold Norwegian winters – and the joys of coming out into the warmth of spring with the earth reawakening – well, we have had our own long, cold time apart and the time has come for our reawakening, beginning with our Ingathering Service on September 12!


Held Outdoors – Ingathering Service, Sunday, September 12, will be held outdoors. In case of inclement weather, the service will be postponed to the following Sunday.

Start Time – the service will begin at 10:00 am and last approximately one hour. It will also be livestreamed. Please refer to the Sunday morning email for the Zoom link.

Location – the service will be held on the south lawn. The “pulpit” will be on the west end of the lawn, near the oak tree. Live music is planned, however, there will be no community singing.

Water Communion – this annual ritual, traditionally held at Ingathering each year, will take place. Feel free to bring a small amount of water from a place or time special to you. When approaching the common bowl, please observe distancing from others.

Bring a Lawn Chair – if you need a chair, please ask one of the ushers; otherwise, we ask that everyone bring their own lawn or camp chair. Social distancing of 6 feet between households is required.

Masks Required – everyone 2 years of age or older will be required to wear a mask. Due to the COVID level, N-95 masks are required. If you do not have one, or the one you brought is not N-95, the usher will provide one – just ask.

Refreshments – unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide refreshments at the service.

Restroom Use – the restrooms will be open and the double doors to the parking lot will remain unlocked. Masks must be worn when inside the building at all times. Only one person at a time in each restroom. A doorstop will be used to keep the door open when restrooms are unoccupied.

Socializing – is encouraged while practicing social distancing.

Livestream – this Sunday’s service will also be livestreamed. Check your inbox on Sunday morning for more information and the link.

** A note about vaccination…
* We strongly encourage all people who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination to get vaccinated.

* We do recognize that some in our community are not able to be vaccinated for medical or are otherwise ineligible. This fact alone should encourage those who are eligible to seek vaccination. The more of us who are vaccinated, the more difficult it is for the virus to be transmitted and the more protection we can offer those who cannot be vaccinated.

* If for whatever reason, you are not vaccinated, we ask that you consider not attending our in-person worship, and join us via the Livestream.

** A word about mask requirements…
Masks and Distancing Make a Difference

Our ability to have in person services depends on wearing masks and distancing. We know that the new, more transmissible, variants are making vaccinations less effective and that you can spread the virus even if you are vaccinated. The vast majority of new infections come from contact with the unvaccinated. The current surge of new cases is predominantly among the unvaccinated.

The kind of masks make a big difference. Homemade cloth masks are 20% effective. The surgical masks, which seem to be the most common, are 40% effective. N-95 masks are 95% effective. Wearing N-95 masks allows us to have in person activities at higher new case rates. But they are not 100% effective. That is why distancing is still important. So, when one of our church activities call for an N-95 mask, please wear one. If you need an N-95 mask, just ask, they are available at church.

** LAST CHANCE to Register for Shared Pulpit Workshop
Shared Pulpit Workshop – Begins Sunday, September 12

One of the most powerful spiritual practices we have is in the sharing of our stories and reflecting on the ways those stories awaken us to love, illuminate our humanity, connect us to the holy and ineffable – and common – experience of life.

We invite you to join Rev. Greg ( for a Shared Pulpit Workshop, which will guide you in developing your story into a sermon and worship experience that you may share with the congregation. Using a series of small group meetings, this program aims to deepen connection and trust among you — the seeking minds and caring hearts of Mill Creek. The workshop contains advice, tools, and a process designed to equip you to be even more skilled, confident leader.

As you and five to seven others navigate your way through the eight sessions — under the guidance of Rev. Greg – you are invited to do three things:
* commit your time and energy to the program – including doing the required writing between sessions
* create and uphold a group covenant so that those in your group can risk being vulnerable
* trust that the first two steps will reveal your voice and truth

The workshop will meet on Sundays from 2:30-4:30 or 5:30, depending on size of the class:
September 12, 19, 26
October 17, 31
November 21
December 5
**December 12
**(if needed — depending on the number of participants)

Note that this class will meet virtually with the hope that we will eventually be able to meet in person.

Use the links below if you have questions about this class, would like to register, and view the ARE Catalog.
Questions : Ask Rev. Greg (
Register Here: Shared Pulpit Workshop (
View here: 2021-22 Adult RE Catalog (

** Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, 15 September, 6:30pm on Zoom


Opening Committee
Assessment Committee – delayed until October
RE Coordination


COVID-19 Statistics, Grid review, Board Opening Policy

Communication – We communicate, but is anybody listening?

Lessons learned from Ingathering

Opening Committee Discussion – to be or not to be

Generosity Campaign – Schedule review and actions

CER support on Reawakening – Committee? Board? Plan?


** Humanist Anti-Racism Program this Wednesday

UUSD Co-Hosts Humanist Anti-Racism Program
Wednesday, September 15, 4 pm

Featured Speaker:
Mandisa Thomas

Mandisa Thomas, founder and director of Black Nonbelievers, Inc. ( , will present during a virtual Humanist Anti-Racism Program on Wednesday, September 15, 4 pm. Thomas will discuss the obstacles women of color face when moving from traditional religion into humanist, free thinking, or atheist communities. The Humanist Anti-Racism Program is co-hosted by the Humanists of Southern Delaware and the Humanist Study Group of the Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware (UUSD). The program is free and open to attendees via Zoom.

Charles Bittner, leader of UUSD’s Humanist Study Group says, “We are very excited to have Mandisa Thomas, a nationally recognized speaker, share her experiences on this important topic at our Humanist Anti-Racism Program. She will also share current resources for nonreligious people to find loving community with like-minded people. Her upcoming national conference, Women of Color Beyond Belief, will bring together people of color and allies for discussion on race, reproductive justice and other issues that affect marginalized people including LGBTQ+ women of color.”

The link to this program will be emailed to all who request it; use the button below.
Request the link for the Humanist Anti-Racism Program HERE (
Meadow & Grounds Spotlight

** Wanted: 25 Holes in the Ground

25 Holes Needed
In Advance of
Tree Planting Days:
Saturday & Sunday
October 23rd & 24th

Earlier this year, through the efforts of Jamie Kegerise and Amy White, a grant was applied for and awarded from the State of Delaware’s Urban and Community Forestry Program. The $1500 matching grant is for the purchase of 25 native trees of a variety of species. While the grant covers the cost of the trees and materials, the labor involved with planting the trees is our responsibility. We have selected October 23^rd and 24^th as tree planting days.

25 trees means 25 holes to be dug!

We will be doing prep work by digging all 25 holes during our weekly Wednesday gatherings on church grounds from now until early October. Doing this work ahead of time will make the actual tree planting process go much easier. If you own a shovel and like to dig, join us any Wednesday! We gather around 5:30-ish.

The tree planting days will start at 8:00 am. We will be inviting folks involved with the National Wildlife Federation’s “Sacred Grounds” program, as well as people from other local churches, and we hope to offer some Mill Creek hospitality by means of outdoor refreshments.

How you can help:
* Join us any Wednesday at 5:30 pm now through early October to dig holes for the trees (25!)
* Join us on either planting day – even for just an hour or two would be a great help

Contact Jamie Kegerise ( or Amy White ( with any questions you have about this project.

** AmazonSmile Supports Mill Creek


Since we began our participation in the AmazonSmile program, we have received a cumulative total of $1,149.89 in donations. Our most recent quarterly donation of $77.97 was received in August.

AmazonSmile is an easy way to support Mill Creek every time you shop, at no added cost to you. When you shop at AmazonSmile, we receive 0.5% of your purchase amount as a donation from Amazon. Shopping at AmazonSmile is just the same as shopping at Amazon, with the added benefit of supporting your church community. Bookmark our unique charity link below and support Mill Creek by using it every time you shop.
Mill Creek’s AmazonSmile Link – bookmark it! (
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** Share Our Plate: September & October
We regularly donate a portion of our undesignated plate collection to a local charity or non-profit organization. Although we aren’t meeting in person for Sunday services for the time being, contributions are still being received to support this fund and are donated entirely to the selected recipient.

For the months of September and October, we have selected Bellevue Art Lab. Located in the Bellevue Community Center in North Wilmington, Bellevue Art Lab is a place for growing artists of many ages and skill levels. It is an open studio setting which allows for exploration rather than strict instruction. The Lab is stocked with drawing, painting, and sculpting supplies as well as digital art, and is set up for jewelry making and metalworks. The Art Lab is a free open studio for youth ages 13-19 during after school hours, Monday-Friday, 3-6 pm. They offer private paint parties, host professional workshops and artist talks, design community art installations, and participate in the Wilmington Art Loop on the First Friday of every month. The Arts is an important way to engage the youth as well as foster bonds between artists and community members.

Use the links below to learn more, and to donate.
LEARN MORE about Bellevue Art Lab (
DONATE to Share Our Plate (
**Be sure to select ‘Share Our Plate’ as the giving fund**

to access your Realm profile!

We encourage you to continue your financial support of Mill Creek during the closure by using one of the following methods:

1. Mail a check: 579 Polly Drummond Hill Road, Newark DE 19711 (staff is present in the office and the mailbox is checked daily). Please indicate on the subject line if this is a pledge payment, a general contribution, or a contribution to a specific giving fund.
2. Give electronically through REALM: or use the link below (remember to select a giving fund).
3. Text-to-Give: text MillCreek and the amount [e.g. MillCreek 50] to 73256.

We sincerely appreciate your support of Mill Creek, especially now while we are unable to gather together for the time being. But the work of the church continues! We gratefully acknowledge that there would be no Mill Creek without YOU. Thank you.
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Mill Creek Staff office hours & contact information

Rev. Gregory S. Pelley (
Hours by appointment – use the link below to schedule:
– Click here to schedule time with Rev. Greg – (
Debra Damiani, Congregational Administrator
Monday 8 am to 1 pm, Monday-Thursday (

Rachel Sabella, Music Director
Hours by Appointment (

** Upcoming events in our local community

** Brandywine Festival of the Arts – this weekend!
The Brandywine Festival of the Arts is an annual arts festival in Wilmington, Delaware held the weekend after Labor Day. The festival is a Delaware tradition spanning over half a century and it is the largest arts festival in the state. Now regionally popular and nationally recognized, the Brandywine Festival of the Arts boasts participants from across the United States and perennially ranks in the top 100 shows in the country. This is a two-day event held at Brandywine Park, 1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE 19802.
FIND OUT: parking, admission, food vendors, artists, and more information HERE (

** News from the UUA, the Central East Region, and the Delmarva Cluster

** From the UUA: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion
Life is full of hard edges and complicated choices. Braver/Wiser gives you weekly message of courage and compassion for life as it is. Every Wednesday you can receive an original written reflection by a contemporary religious leader, and brief prayer, grounded in Unitarian Universalism. Use the links below to learn more about this weekly publication, read past reflections, and sign up to receive yours today.
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Opportunities for Connection: Central East Region Update


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